Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Flagstaff Landscaping by Showtime Dirt Works

Flagstaff landscaping might sound like rocks and cacti because of the arid climate, but Showtime Dirt Works makes it so much more. They turn succulents and dry, stony yards into getaway gardens. They have the vision and skill to create artistic, thoughtful Flagstaff landscaping options.

Showtime Dirt Works will look at your outdoor space, assess the options and draw a plan that fits your individual Flagstaff landscaping needs. They take your personal preferences into account when they design the perfect outdoor space. A mesh of functionality and aesthetics are the results from their attentive work.

Whether you’re hoping for a pensive garden, outdoor kitchen or a vibrant botanical menagerie, Showtime Dirt Works has the solution. With years of experience, this second generation family owned Flagstaff landscaping business is the best in the area. Northern Arizona yards have never looked so well groomed.

Outdoor spaces have all sorts of purposes. From entertaining guests and providing a quiet escape from technology and computers, or cooking dinner on a late spring evening, Flagstaff landscaping can make your outdoor space flourish with possibilities. Whether you want a year-round outdoor living space with a fireplace, or a summer pond and waterfall, Flagstaff landscaping by Showtime Dirt Works has the talent to bring your ideas to life.

Call today to schedule a consultation with Showtime Dirt Works, and get the best Flagstaff landscaping available!

Friday, March 28, 2014

TrailsWeb and Carpet Care Conection Team Up

We're proud to have been working with local business Carpet Care Connection for the past few years. Carpet Care Connection is the pinnacle of professional, and the best in the carpet care industry. We are impressed by their expert services, and reputation in Flagstaff.

Throughout the duration of our partnership with Carpet Care Connection, we've seen over and over again just how professional they are. Timely responses, clear communication and attentive, trustworthy business etiquette are just a few qualities we appreciate.

Offering their services in Flagstaff, Carpet Care Connection adds to the business community. We need more honest, dependable businesses like this one. These are the types of businesses that make the community better with their example.

We've seen the hard work Carpet Care Connection puts in, and heard the reviews of satisfied customers. There aren't enough good things we can say. That's why we can stand behind Carpet Care Connection. They've added a service to Flagstaff that not only restores the beauty and cleanliness to customers' homes, but also restores the trust in home cleaning services.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mail Server Woes...

About three weeks ago, hackers from China hijacked two of my customers' email accounts and sent as much spam as they could through my mail server in the 16 hours before it was detected and stopped.  Two and a half weeks later, Gmail still won't accept mail from my server.  It sends fewer than 200 messages total per day.  A small fraction of those are headed to Gmail's server.  I put a revised spam filter in place so the traffic is scrubbed with about 50% greater accuracy than before - nearly all the messages my server relays are not spam.

Looking through the rejected messages that have been returned by Gmail are requests for reservations, business deals mid-transaction, gmail customers looking for help using TrailsWeb's software.  All of them are unreachable because Gmail doesn't trust my server enough to allow anything through.

Looking around the web, many other postmasters are in the same boat.  Gmail has no system for addressing these kinds of events, nor do they indicate that any change will happen within any period of time.  They have a wonderful questionnaire that ultimately tells you to sit tight and it may change over time.  Meanwhile, I watch the $1000's add up in lost revenue for my customers that also use Gmail because their messages aren't getting through.

Perhaps tomorrow will be the day Gmail starts accepting messages from my server again... who knows?

Meanwhile, spam rates are at an all-time low for my inbox. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Henderson Companies Helps TrailsWeb Get Green

As the owner of TrailsWeb I'm always looking for ways to make the company more efficient.  Whether it means my servers use less power or I don't print invoices anymore, there's always ways to improve the way the company runs for the betterment of all.

One of our long time customers, R. Todd Henderson of the Henderson Companies, has a project in the works and invited me to participate in the green building initiative at its core.  Todd's project is a custom development which qualifies for LEED certification.  LEED is a set of regulations from the US Green Building Council with such rigorous criteria as parking fee discounts of at least 20% for residents with low emissions vehicles and exceeding local open space zoning requirements by 25%.

Use of renewable resources, minimizing impact of development, providing a healthy work environment and a safe and healthy living environment, and tons of other great criteria are all spelled out in exacting, measurable detail in the LEED guidelines.

Todd let TrailsWeb tag along on the LEED adventure and I'm very glad he did.  While constantly looking for ways to integrate my servers with the daily operations of my business - like providing tech support over the phone and handling invoicing and payment processing, it's always near the top of the priorities to design the systems in a way that they can be self-powered and brutally efficient.

Thanks again Todd for the opportunity to get caught up on how modern advances are making efficiency more and more accessible.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Legal Representation for Flagstaff

If you are in need of one of the many Flagstaff legal representation representatives, look no further than Jennifer L Nagel. It is important to choose the right Flagstaff attorney in family law cases. Jennifer Nagel is one Flagstaff lawyer who can handle most legal needs.

With a professional attitude and a concern for your family and well being, Flagstaff lawyers don't get much better. A Flagstaff attorney would be useless without a good reputation. This Flagstaff lawyer has one of the best reputations out there. She has worked for the Flagstaff Justice Court, as well as the Flagstaff Municipal Court, so she has been a trusted Flagstaff attorney for years.

If you are in need of some quality Flagstaff legal representation or a Flagstaff lawyer, Jennifer Nagel is your best bet. She'll handle your case better than any other Flagstaff attorney can. In addition to handling family law cases, this Flagstaff attorney can handle almost anything else as well. So if the occasion arises, remember to call the one Flagstaff lawyer who will represent your needs best.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Secrets of the Web

Flagstaff websites are popping up left and right as fast as businesses themselves are coming into town. Sadly, many of these sights are poorly planned and are lacking in the Flagstaff web design department. Too many websites are being created by amateurs, and don't receive nearly as many visits as the website would have if a professional Flagstaff website design company had designed it.

Not many companies have the necessary skills to call themselves Flagstaff small business website design companies. TrailsWeb LLC is the only business in town that I know of, that will go above and beyond expectations to cater to your website needs. With advanced online marketing techniques as well as superb design skills, this Flagstaff website company is definitely the one to choose.

If you've been floundering around on the Internet trying to find a way to break into a highly competitive market with your website, call TrailsWeb and we can help. It's what we do best: Flagstaff web design and creating the best online experience for your clients when they visit your website.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Marantec Troubleshooting

It's so nice to have a garage door opener, instead of the archaic manually operated version of the garage door. It's even nicer to have a Marantec M3-631 keypad to add security and easy entry. It's especially nice to have if you've lost your garage door remote.

Something most people don't know about their Marantec M3-631 is that it's compatible with many different garage door openers. Some models that it is compatible with might not even have to be the same Marantec brand. It's just a testament to how hassle free these keypads are.

Personally, I prefer to use the keypad on a garage, as opposed to a clicker. With the Marantec M3-631, I don't have to carry a clicker around with me. That means I don't have to worry about losing it and not being able to get into my garage. For me, that's a good thing. I'd much prefer to remember a few numbers than have to carry around a garage door opener that I might lose anyway.