Monday, June 28, 2010

Legal Representation for Flagstaff

If you are in need of one of the many Flagstaff legal representation representatives, look no further than Jennifer L Nagel. It is important to choose the right Flagstaff attorney in family law cases. Jennifer Nagel is one Flagstaff lawyer who can handle most legal needs.

With a professional attitude and a concern for your family and well being, Flagstaff lawyers don't get much better. A Flagstaff attorney would be useless without a good reputation. This Flagstaff lawyer has one of the best reputations out there. She has worked for the Flagstaff Justice Court, as well as the Flagstaff Municipal Court, so she has been a trusted Flagstaff attorney for years.

If you are in need of some quality Flagstaff legal representation or a Flagstaff lawyer, Jennifer Nagel is your best bet. She'll handle your case better than any other Flagstaff attorney can. In addition to handling family law cases, this Flagstaff attorney can handle almost anything else as well. So if the occasion arises, remember to call the one Flagstaff lawyer who will represent your needs best.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Secrets of the Web

Flagstaff websites are popping up left and right as fast as businesses themselves are coming into town. Sadly, many of these sights are poorly planned and are lacking in the Flagstaff web design department. Too many websites are being created by amateurs, and don't receive nearly as many visits as the website would have if a professional Flagstaff website design company had designed it.

Not many companies have the necessary skills to call themselves Flagstaff small business website design companies. TrailsWeb LLC is the only business in town that I know of, that will go above and beyond expectations to cater to your website needs. With advanced online marketing techniques as well as superb design skills, this Flagstaff website company is definitely the one to choose.

If you've been floundering around on the Internet trying to find a way to break into a highly competitive market with your website, call TrailsWeb and we can help. It's what we do best: Flagstaff web design and creating the best online experience for your clients when they visit your website.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Marantec Troubleshooting

It's so nice to have a garage door opener, instead of the archaic manually operated version of the garage door. It's even nicer to have a Marantec M3-631 keypad to add security and easy entry. It's especially nice to have if you've lost your garage door remote.

Something most people don't know about their Marantec M3-631 is that it's compatible with many different garage door openers. Some models that it is compatible with might not even have to be the same Marantec brand. It's just a testament to how hassle free these keypads are.

Personally, I prefer to use the keypad on a garage, as opposed to a clicker. With the Marantec M3-631, I don't have to carry a clicker around with me. That means I don't have to worry about losing it and not being able to get into my garage. For me, that's a good thing. I'd much prefer to remember a few numbers than have to carry around a garage door opener that I might lose anyway.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Raleigh Style

Raleigh plumbing isn't just about cleaning clogged drains. Surprisingly, there's some style associated with the plumbing of your home. Especially when it comes to remodeling a home or business, choosing new fixtures can be one of the small details that makes the whole project more fun. Raleigh plumbers might not all take the time to help you choose faucets and fixtures that match your preferences and personality.

T.C.R. is one Raleigh plumber that will take the extra time to ensure that you are comfortable with the changes in your residential or commercial remodeling project. It's surprising, actually, how much fun Raleigh plumbing can be when given the choice to match your new bathroom fixtures to the towel racks.

From the brassy finish of the fixtures, to the flow of the faucet and the drainage of the shower, these Raleigh plumbers will make sure that you are completely satisfied with your finished project. T.C.R. is the Raleigh plumber to call when you want the job done right.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bryon Middlebrook: Flagstaff Lawyer

Some Flagastaff attorneys just have what it takes to represent your legal needs when you need it most. Bryon Middlebrook happens to be the best Flagstaff attorney to represent your needs in cases of family law or personal injury. That means Bryon Middlebrook is a negotiator for your legal and personal issues.

Domestic relations can become messy if not handled properly. Choosing the right Flagstaff lawyer to handle your  family law case is essential to keeping things as peaceful as possible. Bryon Middlebrook is one Flagstaff attorney who can be trusted to keep the peace, if possible.

If you're worried about what will happen to your home, business, children and life, Bryon Middlebrook is the Flagstaff lawyer who can help work out the details with you. His personal attention and care will keep you calm in the middle of a divorce or custody proceeding. It doesn't always have to be a custody battle when you have the right Flagstaff attorney.

Best Flagstaff Restaurant

When it comes to Flagstaff restaurants, there are so many that it can be a daunting task to choose which one to go to. On any given day, restaurants Flagstaff has can offer so many specials that there isn't even a "best deal" available.

It's surprising that so many Flagstaff restaurants can survive and make money. But I guess that tourism industry makes it all possible. I'm guessing the Flagstaff restaurant industry is busiest during the summer when everyone goes on vacation.

It works out pretty well, actually, because the the Old Town Creperie is a Flagstaff restaurant that is only open during the summer because they have outdoor seating. I can't wait until the streets are flooded with tourists, and everyone can enjoy the wonderful crepes at the best restaurant in Flagstaff!

AZ Wine Country is the new Napa Valley?

On my recent road trip across the United States, I visited many places. One place I visited that really sticks out in my mind is the Napa Valley. It was really exciting because I love wine and beautiful scenery, and the Napa Valley has both.

When I moved to Flagstaff, I found out that Arizona wine country is quickly becoming more popular for local experimental wines. I went to Flagstaff wine stores to try to find some unique varietals, but couldn't find anything local until I stumbled upon Vino Loco.

I found out that they do Arizona wine tours, and was really excited to try to get my parents to come and visit me. I just know they'd love to go on an Arizona wine tour while they're out here. This is the only place I've heard of around here to do that kind of thing. A tour of the breathtaking Arizona wine country is something I can't believe more people don't offer.

I've heard of Flagstaff wine tastings, which happen to be a lot of fun. But as far as a tour of different vineyards, or going "vineyard hopping," I haven't heard anything about it until now. I think most Flagstaff wine stores have a great variety of wine, but most just carry popular brands. Vino Loco is the only one I've found that actually has a unique variety of fun, fancy and affordable bottles of wine. Now I can't wait until their next Flagstaff wine tasting.

Garage Door Openers by the Masters: LiftMaster

LiftMaster 971LM: The king of all garage door remotes. At least that's what I think, anyway. It's hard to give a definitive answer as to whether or not there's one make or model that is the best of the best. If there is, then the LiftMaster 371LM is definitely a close second, with the Allstar Classic 318MHz not far behind.

I'm more tempted to call it a tie between all three, but the security features of the LiftMaster 971LM might just push it to take the lead. I'm sure it's not something most people think about on a daily basis, but if you're looking to upgrade your home from a manual to an automatic garage door opener, you might give it some thought.

After all of the searching I've done I've come to the conclusion that if your main concern is security, the LiftMaster 971LM is the remote to choose. If you already have a system installed, and the LiftMaster 371LM is compatible, it's definitely a simple and solid choice. Last but not least the Allstar Classic is a foolproof solution to any remote need.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Flagstaff Built by Henderson

I've always dreamed of having a futuristic home. A modern kitchen, wide open living spaces, high ceilings and a good flow of energy throughout my home are things I'd love to have. My preferred Flagstaff builder happens to be Henderson Construction Companies. In fact, the only Flagstaff contractor I'd call to update my bathroom or remodel my living room is Henderson. They have the best expertise in the industry, and the most experience as Flagstaff builders.

Just thinking of a few of the changes I'd need a Flagstaff contractor to make, it might be a pretty big job. I'd love to see a new roof on my house. After this past winter, it definitely needs a bit of TLC. I'd also love to hire a Flagstaff construction company to take out the wall separating two rooms on the second floor of my home. It would make the space more functional, and it would make my house into my ideal living space.

I haven't seen a Flagstaff construction company professional enough to handle that kind of job in my home. That is, of course, besides Henderson. When I do decide to finally remodel my current home, I'll definitely call the only Flagstaff builders I trust to handle the job: Henderson Construction Companies.

Clean my Tucson Carpet, Please!

From Tucson carpet cleaning to wood floor restoration, Cactus Carpet Care can do it all. I've seen the worst carpet stains lifted from the fibers they were nestled in. I've never seen Tucson carpet cleaners work so efficiently before.

I'm about to move in a few weeks, and I'm pretty sure that my new home will have carpets. I wish I could call the best Tucson carpet cleaners in the business to come and clean and disinfect my carpets before I move in. I'm pretty sure Tucson carpet cleaning services are much better than I can find around here, and probably more affordable too.

In the next few weeks, I'll be looking at perhaps dozens of potential homes. I know noting could compare to the house I live in now, but hopefully I'll find one with beautiful soft carpets. If not, maybe there's a chance that the Tucson carpet cleaners I know best will come and give my home a Tucson carpet cleaning it won't soon forget! At least then I'll feel comfortable lounging on the floor, like I do in my current home.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Search of Marantec

I was recently informed that the house I am currently renting is up for sale. We only have a few weeks to find a new place to live; but with the current housing market conditions this shouldn't be a problem. My room mates seem to have very specific qualities they are looking for in a new home. One of those qualities is a house with an automatic garage door. Since I've done quite a bit of research on the subject lately, I suggested that we look at the brands for a Marantec RS-02.  Even better would be to find a garage that uses the Marantec M3-3313 model remote.
In spite of that being so specific, I'm sure we'll find a home that meets all of our needs. While it would be really nice to find one that uses the Marantec M3-3313, I think we'd all be comfortable settling for the Marantec M3-2312 if that's available. Of course, we all know that is such a miniscule detail to look for in a house, and certianly wouldn't be a make-or-break-it scenario if we didn't have it.

I just happen to know how well the Marantec M3-2312 works, and that it seems to be a very popular item. That also tells me that it might not be as difficult to find as it seems. If we can't find garage door openers compatible with those remotes, we'd at least like to find one that uses the Marantec RS-02. I'm sure that we'll be happy wherever we end up. But it definitely would be nice to be able to settle into a house knowing that our garage door opener is top of the line.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster garage door openers are a fairly common type of garage door opener to have. In fact, most people have LiftMaster garage openers, and they don't even know it. That's because people rarely think about their garage door opener until they need to replace it.

I heard this morning, that most people only need to replace their LiftMaster garage opener every 3-5 years at the most. It makes sense. If you think about it, most likely you won't lose or break your LiftMaster garage door opener more often than that.

It might be awfully suspicious if you lost an item such as that as often as you lose your keys or cell phone. The other factor to remember is that many times, you will find your keys or cell phone before needing to replace them. It's far more likely that you'll run over your garage door opener with your car or drop it. Even then, I would guess that only happens once in a while. But when it does, American Garage Door Co can replace it for you.

Don't cry over spilled milk on your carpet

I have a bad habit of spilling everything from wine to pasta sauce on the floor. Tucson carpet cleaning might not be a viable resource for me because I live in Flagstaff, but they certainly have qualified Tucson carpet care. And the best of the Tucson carpet cleaning industry happens to be Cactus Carpet Care.

Just the other day I was in the kitchen making a salad. As usual, I was doing too many things at once and forgot to screw on the cap of the dressing container after I used it. When I came back to use more dressing, I noticed that the oil had separated from the rest of the dressing. So I picked up the container and shook it as hard as I could, spewing dressing all over the kitchen. It got as far as the dining room and made it onto the carpet on the adjoining staircase.

At that point, I seriously wished I could have had access to Tucson carpet care. Cactus Carpet Care is the only Tucson carpet cleaning service that I know of to be good enough to handle the kind of job I created. It was comparable to a Tucson commercial carpet cleaning job. It took me forever to get it all clean myself; hopefully next time I'll be in Tucson so I can call the professionals.

Speedy Computer Repairs, Flagstaff AZ

Flagstaff tech support never sounded so amazing. I need to share this story with you about the best Flagstaff computer repair job I've ever heard of. This isn't just a case of a successful Flagstaff computer service, it's a case of a truly satisfied customer.

This morning things seemed like business as usual, when a flustered looking man arrived at our office, laptop in hand. He seemed to be in a hurry, and said he was in need of Flagstaff tech support for his broken laptop. It seemed unfortunate for him that he needed it fixed in time for a trip for which he was leaving later on in the day, and was willing to spend hundreds of dollars to get his computer fixed by early afternoon.

Luckily, our Flagstaff computer repair man is on call, and could be here within the hour. It was marvelous how quickly the problem was fixed. When the man returned later on, in the early afternoon, his computer was finished. He seemed so relieved and glad to be able to leave for his trip without worrying about leaving his computer behind. I doubt that Flagstaff computer service gets faster, easier or less worrisome than that.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Allstar Classic Remotes

I never realized that Liftmaster 371LM remotes are far less expensive than I had originally thought.The Liftmaster 971LM is also less expensive than I would have guessed. The best news is that Allstar Classic remotes are even less expensive than both of those types of remotes.

It is important to remember to select the correct frequency of remotes when ordering a new Allstar Classic. Don't worry, though. The website is so helpful and explanatory that it's almost impossible to order the wrong kind of garage door remote.

Whether you have a Liftmaster 971LM or a Liftmaster 371LM, the website will walk you through the ordering process to ensure that you have selected the correct product. So there's no more fear that you'll have gone days without a remote, and then have to send it back because you ordered the wrong one by accident. This is definitely a stress-free process.

Remember, that's all made possible because of American Garage Door Co.!

Flagstaff Computer Support

TrailsWeb LLC has just launched a new website! This time it is part of our own site. With a growing market in our town, we've decided to utilize the skills we already have and provide a new service to our area. Flagstaff computer repair services are quality at TrailsWeb LLC. Our computer support web site gives more details, but we offer all kinds of convenient services for your computer.

In addition to computer repair, we offer a variety of computer services. We can upgrade your current computer for better performance, in almost any way imaginable. Check out the site for details on our upgrades. We can also build you a customized computer for a fraction of the cost of an inferior store-bought computer.

Our computer support team is the most knowledgeable in Flagstaff. Many of our current customers have had experiences with other computer repair services in town, and have come to us because they didn't get what they were expecting. We are proud to say that we do our best to ensure your satisfaction. So give us a call and we'll talk about what we can do to make your technical experience better.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Solar energy: An Authoritative Solution

For some time now, I've been increasingly interested in solar energy and renewable solutions. Recently, TrailsWeb launched a new website for Northern Arizona Wind & Sun. Since then it has become apparent that they are the authority on the subject.

Their online store sells solar panels according to brand and wattage, the two most relevant factors when deciding which solar panel to install. The new site makes it easy to figure out how to purchase and install a new system that relies on solar panels for energy.

Another important element when choosing which products to install, is lighting. DC lighting happens to be the most popular choice for renewable lighting. Every home will be able to convert to this type of revolutionary energy with the compatible DC lighting options sold on the site.

If you're as curious as I am about renewable energy, I suggest you visit the site. Solar panels aren't as complex as you might imagine, and with just a bit of time and energy (no pun intended), you can learn how to convert your home too!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Juvedérm at Sun West Dermatology

Finally, there is a solution to wrinkles on the face. When Botox was FDA approved in 2002, it instantly became the most popular cosmetic procedure, excluding surgical procedures. Since then, few other injections have been certified by the FDA to be safe and effective for the treatment of aging of the skin, wrinkles, and other cosmetic ailments.

It is with great pleasure, then, that Dr. Cirelli can perform injections of Juvedérm and Radiesse. Both of these procedures are FDA approved, and can last almost twice as long as Botox. Both procedures have also been proven to gently reduce and relieve the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

The use of cosmetic dermatological procedures has been highly criticized in the past. However, both Juvedérm and Radiesse use naturally occurring compounds to improve skin quality. Juvedérm actually hydrates the skin, and has shown results superior to those of collagen-based dermal fillers. Radiesse even increases the body's natural production of collagen, producing potentially permanent results.

Botox, Juvedérm, and Radiesse are all procedures that can increase the appearance of wrinkled and aging skin. Dr. Cirelli performs all of these injections in his office. Rest assured that patients will get the attention they deserve, because Dr. Cirelli performs all of these procedures personally to ensure safety and quality.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Download a Free Demo Today!

Moneylender Professional is a fabulous piece of software developed as an inexpensive and superior alternative to much more expensive software. It is loan servicing software that was made just for your business. This amazing loan management software can handle a lot more than the cost of the software would lead on.

Payment tracking software of this quality and complexity is hard to come by. For the cost of similar loan management software off the shelf, you could buy this loan servicing software two or three times. I've even seen similar systems costing $4,000. It's not surprising that most businesses and investors think they just can't afford payment tracking software. The good news is that this software is different.

Moneylender professional has all the capabilities of those more expensive loan servicing software systems and more. The only thing better than the price is the peace of mind of having all of your loans managed without the hassle or stress of doing it yourself.

Marantec Compatibility

Searching the Internet this morning, I realized that it would be fabulous if I had a remote for my garage door. I don't park my car in the garage, but the most convenient entrance to my house is through the garage door.

I started looking around for a solution to make life more convenient. I found the Marantec RS-02 at American Garage Door Co., and realized that this might just be the package deal I've been looking for.

It even comes with an extra M3-2312 remote for one of my roommates. The keypad is just a nice addition to the package, in case I lose the remote. I also have two additional roommates, so I've taken the liberty of picking out a remote for them as well. I think the Marantec M3-3313 would be a perfect remote because it is compatible with the Marantec RS-02.

All I have to do now is talk my roommates into the idea of using the Marantec M3-3313 and the Marantec M3-2312 remotes to get into the house instead of using keys.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Consider Vision Coaching

Think about your current job. Think about your home life. Think about how you interact with the people around you. Think about yourself. If you've been thinking that it's time for some improvements, then you should be thinking about calling Vision Coaching.

Executive coaching services can significantly improve your professional and personal life. Your personal career coach will help you identify your goals, and then help you figure out how to achieve them. Professional coaching then goes a step further to help you see positive results.

Vision Coaching is the well-rounded service that understands that feeling happiness comes from multiple aspects in life. Executive coaching will utilize every aspect of your life to help your vision become reality.

With a career coach, you may see your professional dreams become your professional goals. Once you know what you want out of life, your executive coaching experience could yield unexpected results when you see your hard work pay off. Visit Vision Coaching's website today for more details.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tucson Carpets Need Cleaning

Cactus Carpet Care has the most to offer for your carpets and upholstery. Since 2003, owner Mitch Allaman has been working in the carpet cleaning business. He started his business in Flagstaff around 2005, and later relocated to Tucson, AZ to provide the same meticulous care to his new customers in the south.

With a professional attitude and close attention to detail, the service they provide to their customers is unbeatable. Carpet cleaning has never been so simple. At Cactus Carpet Care, they spend the extra time to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied. And with the website created by TrailsWeb, satisfaction begins before they even make the first phone call. Before and after pictures prove that even tough stains can come out, and upholstery can look new again.

From commercial carpets in bars and restaurants, to home carpet cleaning and sofas, there is no job too big or small. Know what to expect before the cleaning by visiting their website. They really are leaders in the Tucson carpet cleaning industry. Competitive pricing makes Cactus Carpet Care the perfect solution to old and dirty-looking floors. Instead of replacing carpets or buying new furniture, get it cleaned today for a fraction of the cost. Call Cactus Carpet Care in Tucson, AZ today.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Small Business Websites for Phoenix

There are very few businesses in the Phoenix, AZ area that aren't interested in increasing their visibility and reputation. TrailsWeb can increase both with a professional website design, custom made according to your needs. We'll do everything to design the perfect website for you.

Tell us about your business and goals and we'll even write the copy, so that the process of designing your small business website is no burden to you. Once we have all of the pages written, our website design experts will create a look that speaks your identity and philosophy on the web. Once we've designed the website you imagined, we'll increase your visibility on the web with our search engine optimization package.

Your small business in Phoenix, AZ will see a growth in customers and profits once we increase your visibility on the web. In today's economy, it's important to use aggressive marketing tools. We utilize design elements that will increase the functionality and convenience of your website, making it easy to navigate and interesting to read.

If your business is located in the Phoenix, AZ area and you are interested in seeing solid growth, don't wait to call. Your small business website can connect you with customers you didn't know you could have. TrailsWeb will design your website today, and bridge the gap between you and the customers seeking your products/services.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Garage Door Remote Solution

Garage door remotes can be expensive to fix. In today’s economy, most people don’t have enough money to fix or replace their garage door openers. The problem has been solved after looking through pages of companies that fix remote controls. There is a company that finally has the solution to your broken garage door opener. If you call American Garage Door Co today, they can fix or replace your broken remote control for a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Their garage door remotes are sure to impress and astound you. Even non-tech-savvy customers will be able to utilize their garage door openers with ease. If you’re looking for a remote control for your garage door, this is the right company. American Garage Door Co is the last place you might ever look for a garage door remote. They will even install a brand new garage door opener in no time at all.

American Garage Door Co has the most efficient garage door remotes on the market. They can satisfy any need for a garage door opener. Even if you have lost your remote control, they might not be able to find it, but they certainly can replace your garage door remote for you. Having a working garage door is essential to happy home ownership. If your garage door remote is broken, call today and American Garage Door Co will fix or replace it.

Finally, a word from a garage door opener user: She has had trouble opening her garage door at her new house. Sometimes she dreams about not being able to use her garage door opener. She wakes up in a cold sweat because she believes that her garage door remote is broken. Luckily, it isn’t broken, but if it was broken she could call American Garage Door Co and they would fix it for her.

Garage Door Remote Control Openers

My brother lost his garage door opener last week. Since then, he’s been stuck using the non-remote garage door opener inside the garage. Every time he wants to open the garage, he has to get out of the car, unlock the front door, and walk through his house and into the garage to push the big white button next to the light switch just inside the door. Sure, the garage door opens which is, of course, the ultimate goal, but it’s such a hassle that he’s started parking in the driveway. Unfortunately, his HOA frowns on driveway parking.

We’ve been searching everywhere for the garage door remote. It isn’t in his car. We’ve looked in the front seat, in the back seat, under the seats, and in the trunk. We’ve even looked under the floor mats. Nothing! Where else would a garage door opener be? We explored the idea that the remote control may have fallen out the window on a particularly sharp turn. If that’s the case, it’s surely lost forever.

I think it’s time to start looking for a new garage door remote. I saw a show once, a hyped-up expose on a late night news program, revealing how easy it is to program a garage door opener. All we need to do is drive down to the store, buy a nice model, and follow the direction on the box – and, voila, he’ll have a fully functional garage door opener again.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cirelli Skin Clinic Treats Skin Cancer

With over 1 million cases of skin cancer diagnosed ever year, dermatology is increasingly in demand. Sun West Dermatology & Skin Cancer Treatment Center, located in Prescott Valley, AZ, is a trustworthy skin care center. Dr.Cirelli, MD is a board certified dermatologist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Melanoma is one of the most common types of cancer found in adolescents and young adults. Sun West Dermatology & Skin Cancer Treatment Center specializes in cancer treatment and screening. In addition to skin cancer, Dr.Cirelli also treats all other skin ailments. Eczema, acne, skin allergies and all other skin diseases are treatable.

Preventative skin care is able to decrease your risk of getting skin cancer. This type of skin care is especially important in Arizona, where the sun is amplified by sand and elevation (and can also be increasingly dangerous around snow and water). Skin cancer is easily treatable if caught early.

Sun West Dermatology & Skin Cancer Treatment Center's website, designed by TrailsWeb, has a more detailed list of services, hours and information. Aging & skin are closely connected. Information on these issues and more is available at

Remotes for Garage Doors

Garage door remotes make opening and closing garage doors easy from the car or kitchen. American Garage Door Co. sells garage door openers and accessories for the ease and comfort of the customer.

If your garage door remote has broken or gotten lost, American Garage Door Co. can fix or replace it for less than you'd think. They also sell name brands like Allister, Liftmaster and Sears. Not compromising quality for cost, their garage doors and remotes are affordable. Even installation, maintenance and repairs are available at low rates.

For superior quality and unbeatable affordability, American Garage Door Co. can satisfy any need for garage door openers. Budget and functionality are non-issues when purchasing garage doors. As if that wasn't enough, your garage door, like all merchandise, is backed with a warranty.

For years (51 years to be exact!) American Garage Door Co. has been providing superior service to Phoenix, AZ. Garage door remotes, keypads, safety sensors and more can be found on the website that was designed and hosted by TrailsWeb.

Garage door openers can add value and security to your home or business. Call for a free garage door consultation today at 602.437.3300. or find what you're looking for online. When ordered from the website, garage door openers and related merchandise ship right away.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fiberglass Filament Tube Winding

Nor' Easter Yachts, Inc. is stepping up their service again by adding custom fiberglass tube winding to their long list of services. With the purchase of a computer controlled fiberglass tube winding machine, customers can get tubes of the required strength, thickness, diameter, and length for any hobby project, experiment or for building custom research equipment.

Fiberglass tubing is versatile for many uses because of its strength and the nature of the material. Starting with individual strands of fiberglass soaked in a bath of epoxy resin, the tube winding machine carefully lays each string down (usually four or six strands parallel to each other) as the tube mandrel rotates beneath. Moving the fiberglass strands as the tube rotates, the filaments are wound at 45 degrees, 60 degrees, or any other angle to the orientation of the completed tube. The angle of the filament have an impact on the lateral and inward force a tube can withstand, along with the smoothness and appearance of the completed tube.

Fiberglass filament tubing can be wound to almost any thickness, which increases both the weight of the tube and its strength. Depending on your project the tubes can be designed to be two inches in diameter or twenty, extremely thin and lightweight or strong enough to drive a truck over.

There's no project too big or too small for Nor' Easter Yachts to handle. You'll be surprised by their personal attention to you project, and their level of service and quality. Visit their website:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sedona Wedding Catering - Website Update

Main Street Catering has been providing beautiful and delicious wedding catering services since 1986.

Main Street Catering is a creative wedding catering team. The owner, David DeGraff teamed up with TrailsWeb in 2007 to create a beautiful website with great search engine visibility to get the word out about their delicious wedding catering services.

Now, January, 2010, David called TrailsWeb to announce that they were doing more and more wedding catering in Sedona. So, TrailsWeb is issuing this internet press release to help brides and grooms who want the perfect Sedona Wedding find the best Sedona Wedding Caterers.

Jennifer Glennon has been Main Street's wedding catering manager for 13 years. She makes sure that the display is superb and served on time by a helpful and pleasant staff. Jeff Bonsey has been the wedding catering chef for 17 years. He cooks a filet mignon to perfection and makes the most incredible cheesecake you've ever tasted. Owner Dave Degraff is intimately involved with the entire wedding catering operation and will most likely be serving at your Sedona Wedding Reception.

With Main Street Catering, your Sedona Wedding Reception can be a cocktail reception, a buffet, a "sit down" or "butler passed" meal with the backdrop of the inspiring Red Rock Cathedrals.

For a romantic and delicious Sedona Wedding day, call Main Street Catering at (928) 774-1519 or visit

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dr. Anthony Rosales, Flagstaff Foot & Ankle Doctor

Go to and you'll find an attractive and informative website about Dr. Rosales, DPM, as well as about all aspects of podiatry. You'll also find an easy to follow map to his podiatry office at 8 West Columbus St. in Flagstaff, AZ, "new patient" forms to download and fill out before your first podiatry appointment with Dr. Rosales, a number of on-line resources about podiatry and a "Foot Doctors Medical Products Store".

In addition to his outpatient podiatry practice, Dr. Rosales is affiliated with the Flagstaff Medical Center, in Flagstaff, and with Banner Health located in Page, AZ. Dr. Rosales is available to address the foot and ankle health concerns of all those in Northern Arizona.

Dr. Rosales is a foot doctor and an ankle doctor who is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery (ABPS) and a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS). He provides the full range of medical and surgical care for the entire gamut of foot and ankle conditions, diseases and injuries.

Call Dr. Rosales' podiatry office at (928) 774-9325 or toll free at 1-(800) 354-3668.

Sedona Wedding Planner Needs Strong Web Presence

Sedona, Arizona is famous for it's majestic allure that goes beyond the visual and touches deep into the soul. People from all over the globe are drawn to Sedona over and over again to reconnect with Sedona's magnificent desert landscapes, exotic rock bluffs and monuments and the serene waters of Oak Creek filling the valley with lush botanicals.

Often lovers who live near or travel to Sedona are compelled to return and experience the perfect Sedona Wedding and Reception at Agave of Sedona, a full service facility and catering venue located in the heart of Sedona.

For Agave of Sedona, having a beautiful and informative Sedona Wedding and Sedona Special Event website is key, but equally important is having a strong online presence so that those using search engines to learn more about Sedona Weddings will find Agave of Sedona on page one.

That's why Agave of Sedona relies on TrailsWeb to develop their website, host, maintain and update it as needed and to keep it visible to search engines.

Countless Sedona Wedding parties and Sedona Event guests from all over the globe are glad they did.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing, from the West to the East

Here in Flagstaff, AZ, we at TrailsWeb develop excellent websites for small business owners. One of our VIP customers is AZNorth Development company, a full service real estate firm that manages numerous residential and commercial properties in and around town.

For years, AZNorth trusted all their plumbing and drain cleaning needs to Terry Ault of T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing.

Mr. Ault saw what a wonderful website development job TrailsWeb did for AZNorth Development and teamed up with TrailsWeb to create the site for his plumbing and drain cleaning business.

We at TrailsWeb enjoy friendly customers like T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing. We've known him for years as the most trusted commercial and residential plumber in Northern Arizona. He is rewarding to work with as his web designer, and he has the same reputation as a professional plumber.

In 2007, Mr. Ault expanded his plumbing business into the Raleigh, NC market. Now folks in the Raleigh, Cary and the Triangle area of North Carolina are relying on his professional and competitively priced plumbing and drain cleaning services. The property managers at AZNorth as well as local residents and landlords miss him.

Even though Mr. Ault lives in Raleigh, NC now, T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing still depends on TrailsWeb for superior website maintenance, hosting and search engine visibility.

When people in and around Raleigh, NC need an experienced professional plumber quickly, they'll find his informative and easy to navigate plumbing services website and he'll be on the job in a jiffy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Love Locally Owned Mexican and Steakhouse Restaurants

I've been writing copy for website development here at TrailsWeb for over two years now. I especially like writing for local small businesses. My favorite small businesses are local restaurants with lots of character.

So, I was happy to be asked to write content for Pancho McGillicuddy's Mexican Bar & Grill and Doc Holliday's Steakhouse & Saloon, both in charming little Williams, AZ, about 30 miles west of Flagstaff.

Pancho McGillicuddy's
with his Mexican cuisine and colorful decor has been my first choice in Williams, AZ mexican restaurants since it opened in 1993.

My favorite dining experiences are in Mexican restaurants. Pancho McGillicuddy's is both authentic, and sophisticated with exquisite Mexican house specialties, and a fun and colorful decor. I love to sit outside in the summer and dine to live music by great local musicians. I love the sports bar, with the 9 foot big screen HD TV. I love their fabulous Margaritas with 30 top shelf tequilas to choose from.

A close second in my dining preferences is a good steakhouse with hand cut steaks, prime rib and barbeque to choose from. When my appetite is robust and I've had my Mexican food "fix" I head to the newer Doc Holliday's Steakhouse & Saloon. I enjoy the Wild West decor and the hearty fare.

The steakhouse is conveniently located off of Interstate 40 and is adjacent to the Holiday Inn.
Doc Holliday's Steakhouse & Saloon is great for weary Grand Canyon hikers who need to replenish themselves with great steakhouse food, happy hour specials and a comfortable place to bunk down.

When I need a break from writing web content, or when I just need to get out of the "big city" of Flagstaff, my husband and I head to quaint Williams, AZ and enjoy the mexican food at Pancho's or the hand cut steaks at Doc's. It's our local mini-vacation.