Monday, October 26, 2009

Helpful Information Regarding Arizona Family Laws

Divorce and Child Custody; Child Support Attorney Bryon Middlebrook wants his clients to be as informed as they can be so he can represent their best interests. To this end, he has a "Helpful Links" page on his website at

Under Arizona State Family Law Resources you will find Divorce Law Forms, and the very straightforward Arizona Child Support Guidelines Calculator, as well as the useful Questions and Answers about Child Support Modification, which includes key legal words and their definitions as well as the location of every Superior Court in the state of Arizona.

If you live in Coconino or Yavapai County and need a divorce or child custody attorney who will inform you, advocate for you, and represent you and, if applicable, your child's best interests, go to or call divorce, child custody, and child support attorney Bryon Middlebrook at (928) 774-1433 or toll free, (888) 831-1424.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hatch River Expeditions has been in the Colorado River Rafting business since 1929. It all began when "Bus" Hatch turned his weekend obsession with exploring wild places, and white water rivers into a way of life for the Hatch family.

Born in 1907, Robert Rafael "Bus" Hatch was a carpenter in Jensen, Utah by trade, but he couldn't leave wild rivers and canyons alone. In the late 1920's, Bus and a few of his brothers and cousins took some homemade wooden boats down the Green River to explore its mysterious canyons. It was a dangerous, and (some might say) stupid idea. Folks thought they were crazy. Maybe they were. They had a few false starts and bad runs, including once losing all their provisions. They finally developed a workable boat design and completed the run.

Bus was hooked. Despite some irritated (and lonely) wives, Bus and his crew continued their wild white water river running adventures. Having conquered the Green and Yampa rivers, the "Dusty Dozen" as he and his buddies were called, moved on to other treacherous river canyons, including Cataract Canyon, known as the "Graveyard of the Colorado". The Dusty Dozen was among the first 100 people to survive a Colorado River Run through the Grand Canyon. They were also one of the very first parties to complete the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in the Idaho Wilderness.

Word got out of Bus' skills and experience in white water river running, especially in the Grand Canyon. Bus was being called upon more and more to take parties of surveyors, engineers, fishermen, hunters and plain old thrill seekers down rivers. When he realized people would be happy to pay him for his river running service and expertise, he cut back on his carpentry work and found himself running the very first professional river running company, Hatch River Expeditions.

Bus got his sons, Gus, Frank, Don and Ted involved....They got their children involved. And so it continues. Proprietors Rick Hatch, Bus Hatch's grandson, and his wife Sara are thrilled to bring the family's adventurous tradition of Grand Canyon white water rafting and Grand Canyon exploring to anyone who desires this amazing experience.

Since 2001, Hatch River Expeditions has brought the Grand Canyon river running experience to those who may not have the opportunity otherwise, by teaming up with SPLORE, a group that provides outdoor recreation and exploration, including white water rafting through the Grand Canyon, to those with physical and mental disabilities.

Hatch River Expeditions and the Hatch family have developed a Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting philosophy. They believe in protecting the environment and partner with the Leave No Trace Organization. They believe in giving back to the Grand Canyon River Running community by supporting the Grand Canyon River Runners Association, the Whale Foundation, The Grand Canyon River Guides, and the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund. They believe everyone should have a chance to experience the Grand Canyon's Colorado River and work with SPLORE to make it happen.

Hatch River Expeditions is the original Grand Canyon white water rafting company.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Zane Grey RV Park

My husband was a bankruptcy lawyer. A client couldn't pay his attorney fees and so he gave my husband an RV, which he was thrilled to accept. Arizona RV parks, here we come!

He and I began touring RV parks in and around Northern Arizona on weekends in 2004. Of all the RV Parks in Arizona, our favorite was Zane Grey RV Park in Camp Verde on the banks of Clear Creek. It was serene and perfectly positioned on Clear Creek in historic Camp Verde, near Sedona, Jerome, and wildly gorgeous biking and hiking trails.


Zane Grey was an American author known for his novels and stories that idealized the image of the beautiful and wild West. "Grey had the knack of tying his characters into the land, and the land into the story. "(Erle Gardner, author of Perry Mason series and many novels) The land in and around Zane Grey RV Park is the land he was talking about. Grey was a major force in capturing the stories and characters of the Old West.

It seems fit that this Arizona RV park would take his name. It sits on the bank of Clear Creek in historic Camp Verde Arizona, near Red Rock Country. You might feel Zane Grey's presence there, sitting by the creek, pen in hand.

Even Zane Grey's wild imagination couldn't have fathomed the evolution of the world wide web and the importance of an attractive and informative website with high search engine visibility. But the owners of this Arizona RV park realized it and called TrailsWeb, a small business website design company.

Here at TrailsWeb, we worked with them to develop a home page (About the Park) that has all the information a traveler would need about an Arizona RV Park, at a glance; then a Park Pictures page that effectively entices viewers to visit this Arizona campground and put themselves in this gorgeous and relaxing wild west environment; a Map & Directions page that anyone, (even people like me with no sense of direction) can follow; and a superb Vacationing in Camp Verde page with links to nearby state parks, National Monuments, gorgeous hiking and mountain biking trails, area golf courses, the Chamber of Commerce and the Verde Canyon Railroad.

The folks at TrailsWeb are true nature lovers. It's company policy to take long hikes together on Wednesday afternoons. We love our work, and we love any excuse to get out in nature. So photographing the beautiful Zane Grey RV Park for their website is the kind of business meeting we truly appreciate.

As for me, my husband and I are escaping the nippy night time temperatures of Flagstaff this weekend and going to our favorite Arizona campground in the high desert of Arizona; Zane Grey RV Park.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quality Plumbing in the Cary, Raleigh and Triangle Area

Before T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing LLC expanded into the Raleigh, Cary and the “Triangle” area of North Carolina in 2007, owner Terry Ault hired TrailsWeb LLC to build a custom website designed for high search engine visibility. Mr. Ault has been extremely pleased with his web presence and the significant increase in the bottom line of his plumbing and drain cleaning business since working with TrailsWeb.

The T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing website was up and running when Mr. Ault moved into the Raleigh and surrounding area market. Due to an excellent and informative website, search engine visibility, great customer service, quality materials and fair prices, word spread quickly. Within weeks of plumbing in the Cary and Raleigh area, T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing had a dedicated following and referral base in both the residential plumbing and commercial plumbing and drain cleaning markets.

With TrailsWeb LLC providing excellent website development services and Terry Ault’s T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing LLC providing first-rate professional plumbing and drain cleaning services, Mr. Ault has a competitive advantage that other plumbers do not.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Landscaping, and a whole lot more...

Recently the building TrailsWeb is in was bought by some new investors. Two of them are co-owners of Showtime Dirt Works. After moving into one of the suites across the courtyard from us, they asked us about building a site for them. While we were working on, touting their expertise in Northern Arizona landscaping design and technique, they had us work on another software project.

In their office, they mounted a plasma TV facing the courtyard. The TV displays a slideshow of pictures they took of their work. Concerned with the energy efficiency of their display they had TrailsWeb write a screensaver that turns off the computer and TV each night at 7:00PM and automatically start back up again each morning at 7:00AM.

With a few hurdles to overcome, we were able to supply an application which uses DirectX to efficiently fade the images on the screen and simultaneously automate the computer's power state. Using a technology called ACPI, the screensaver shuts the computer down at night, with the TV shutting down when the signal disappears, and schedules the computer's restart the following morning. When the timer goes off, the computer boots back up and the screensaver resumes fading images of their landscapes for interested onlookers to see.

Demonstrating our expertise with both website and software development, Rob has suggested partnering up for a larger scale web-based business. Hopefully, the next post will be declaring the new project underway...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trailsweb and American Garage Door Co. Partner for Success

Bill Tagatz, President of American Garage Door Co., Inc. was dissatisfied with the look and performance of his company's website. He saw the professional and effective websites that TrailsWeb develops at the TrailsWeb site that targets the Phoenix market:

Josh Whitman, President of TrailsWeb, met with Mr. Tagatz in his Phoenix office. Shortly afterward, the team of designers, writers and programmers at TrailsWeb went to work according to Mr. Tagatz' desires and specifications. A fun, friendly, and highly effective professional relationship was born.

The result is three elegant and easy to navigate websites: American Garage Door Co., Inc. Sales and Service , their on-line store featuring an array of garage door related products including remote controls, keypads, receivers, wall consoles, safety sensors, and more, and American Iron Manufacturing a division of American Garage Door Co., Inc. that produces custom functional and ornamental ironwork like perimeter fencing, driveway security gates, indoor and outdoor railings, window guards, pool fencing and more.