Monday, January 3, 2011

Henderson Companies Helps TrailsWeb Get Green

As the owner of TrailsWeb I'm always looking for ways to make the company more efficient.  Whether it means my servers use less power or I don't print invoices anymore, there's always ways to improve the way the company runs for the betterment of all.

One of our long time customers, R. Todd Henderson of the Henderson Companies, has a project in the works and invited me to participate in the green building initiative at its core.  Todd's project is a custom development which qualifies for LEED certification.  LEED is a set of regulations from the US Green Building Council with such rigorous criteria as parking fee discounts of at least 20% for residents with low emissions vehicles and exceeding local open space zoning requirements by 25%.

Use of renewable resources, minimizing impact of development, providing a healthy work environment and a safe and healthy living environment, and tons of other great criteria are all spelled out in exacting, measurable detail in the LEED guidelines.

Todd let TrailsWeb tag along on the LEED adventure and I'm very glad he did.  While constantly looking for ways to integrate my servers with the daily operations of my business - like providing tech support over the phone and handling invoicing and payment processing, it's always near the top of the priorities to design the systems in a way that they can be self-powered and brutally efficient.

Thanks again Todd for the opportunity to get caught up on how modern advances are making efficiency more and more accessible.

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